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Sassy-Links And Portals

Hyperlinks to sites related to Owasippe, its surrounding area and amenities, the outdoors, and to Scouting.

Geee, I just don't know which one to try next!?!

> Aerial Photo of Owasippe

> American Bald Eagle

> American Hiking Society

> American Scouting Digest

> American Volkssport Assoc

> America's Oldest Boy Scout Camps

> Aramark-Owasippe's Selected Caterer

> Archery Information Network

> Association For Challenge Course Technology

> Aurora Borealis Global Forecast Map

> Aurora's, Meteors, & Astronomy Stuff From NASA

Backpacker Magazine

> Bass Fishing Methods

> Bio-Blitz Report (Spring 2002)

> Black Bears And Related Links

> Blog Owasippe

> Boy Scouts of America Official Site

> Bicycling Around Owasippe In Off Season

> Cabela's Outdoor Catalog Outfitter

> Calumet Council BSA

> Campmor Discount Catalog Outfitter

> Chgo Archdiocese Catholic Comm on Scouting

> Chicago Area Traffic Status. Tie-Ups

> Christopher Hill Memorial Site

> Cooking Turkey / USDA

> Crazy Squirrels And Other Mythology

Long-Range Weather Forecast For Owasippeland

> Dutch Oven Cooking

> Entertainment Coupon Book

> Fires At Owasippe c2000-2001

> Fly Fishing & MB Info

> Geocaching

> GORE-Tex Outdoor Wear

> GORP Trek Info

> GPS: Garmin Internatl, Global Tracking

> Hart-Montague Bicycle Trail

> History of Scout Badges

> Lake Michigan Car Ferry, SS Badger

> Larry Karp's (T-301) Save Owasippe Editorial

> MacScouter Volunteer Resource Site

> Manistee Natl Forest, Campgrounds & Features (by GORP)

> Manistee Natl Forest - Whitecloud Area

> Manistee River Trail - A Gem Of A Hike!

Maptech-Topographical Map Finder

> Merit Badge Info and Requirements

> Michigan Fishing Reports

> Michigan Road Advisories

> Michigan Road Map

> Motivation Matters / Successories

> Muskegon Astronomical Society

Muskegon County - Owasippe's Home Turf

> Muskegon Directory Of Organizations, Services

> Muskegon Harbor-NOAA Web Cam

> Nat'l Muzzle Loading Rifle Assoc

> Nat'l Order of The Arrow

> The Nature Conservancy, Michigan Chapter

> North Country Trail Assoc/West Mich

> North Country Trail For CHAB Treks

> Outdoor Gear Finder

> Owasippe Outdoor Education Center

> The Owasippe Staff Association, Inc

> PJ Hoffmaster St Prk and Gillette Nature Center

> Plant ID - Horticulture

> Poison Ivy Info & Facts

> Sassafras Portrait - Trefoil?

> SOSR/Uncle Willie's Save Owasippe Website

> Scouter's "Honor" Bookstore & Resource Guide

> Scouting Magazine

> Scoutorama

> Scout Orienteering

> Silva Compass

> Tents On Sale

> Topographical Map Software

> Trail and Trek Food, Equip

> Travel & Road Conditions - West Mich

> Troop 81 (Naperville IL) Owasippe Scrapbook

> Troop 101 (Oakwood, OH) 2003 OSR Trip

> Troop 149, McHenry IL (Uncle Willie's unit)

> Troop 364 (Homewood, IL), Camp Wolverine 2001

> Troop 848 of Shephardsville KY

> Troop 889 (Ray Toler) St Alphonsus Scouts

> Troop 1111 of Dearborn, Michigan

> Weather Forecast: Whitehall/Montague

White Lake Beacon Newspaper

> White Water Canoeing In The Manistee Nat'l Forest

> USA Hotel/Motel Search

> U.S. Scouting Web Portal

> USS Silversides, SS236, Muskegon MI

> Venturing BSA

> Venturing Info

> Central Region Venturing

> West Michigan "Shoreline" Guide-Events Calendar

As content builds, this site will be catagorized for easier viewing. We welcome your suggestions for new links that would broaden our outdoor skill set and overall knowledge of Owasippe or its environment. And, if the above cannot help you, feel free to search the net with the below search-box from Hotbot.

THE SCARLET SASSAFRAS... Owasippe's"Unwebsite" & E-zine

We are always looking for interesting links to add to this page, including Troop websites, that would reference Owasippe and its environs or be related to camp program. If you have some info, story or camp picture you would like to share, just...CONTACT OWASIRON below...